Thursday, July 13, 2006


Huawei Training - Day 4

How to set up ftp server in Huawei switch?

local-user test
pass cipher test
service-type ftp

ftp server enable

How to update firmware?

delete /u old-firmware.bin
ftp new-bootrom.btm and new-firmware.bin to flash:
boot bootrom new-bootrom
boot boot-loader new-firmware.bin
disp boot-loader (to confirm the new bin file name)

How to enable SSH?

local-user huawei
password simple huawei
service-type ssh
level 3

ssh user huawei authentication-type password
ssh user huawei service-type stelnet

user-interface vty 0 4
authentication-mode scheme

rsa ...... (generate the rsa local key pair)


When config OSPF, reset ospf all or reboot router.

When config VRRP, vrrp ping-enable.

Unique features of 3900/5600: Voice VLAN and IRF

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